Diminish: “God did not exist in Auschwitz”-

Diminish: To make or become less. In the book “Night” by Elie Wiesel, he describes his faith diminishing throughout many quotes which are bombarded with anger and doubt towards his God. “God did not exist in Auschwitz”- Elie Wiesel . Wouldn’t or would you doubt your faith along with the absolute justice your God has for you if you’ve witnessed what man should not ?       Elie has not yet denied God or considered himself an atheist but has lost faith in his God. Earlier when Elie described God being murdered he meant that the God he believed in when being innocent had deceased. Elie now sees God as a different person, he sees his God as someone without mercy, someone whom he doesn’t want to praise. ” I had ceased to pray. I concurred with job! I was not denying his existence, but I doubted his absolute justice. ” (pg.45)   Jews had a lot of faith in God, Elie doesn’t seem capable to believe in worshipping God because he believes his God purposely caused every pain he is feeling. Elie loved God like many others, it wasn’t his choice to halt his faith, being in the concentration camp forced him to lose his faith. The quote provided demonstrates the aggression and vexation that Elie holds towards faith, he had strapping faith during his time in Sighet but it dies in the camp. ” Blessed be God’s name? Why, but why would I bless him? Every fiber of me rebelled….” (pg.67)   Jews in myriad had various long time believers but now they, even them who contained the fullest faith possible now denied God along with his mercy and existence. Elie isn’t the only person whom along with later introduced person known as Akiba lost faith, therefore he doesn’t feel as if his rejection towards faith and God is wrong. The following words were said by Akiba, a man whom used to study Kabbalah but now according to himself had no purpose in his life when his faith departed. ” Where is God’s mercy ? Where’s God ? How can I believe, how can anyone believe in this God of mercy?(pg.77)     In the non-fiction novel “Night” by Elie Wiesel you scrutinize and inspect what is a journey based upon horrors and diminishing of faith which lead Elie to thinking of life as something peripheral.