Globalization people who say globalization is negative




Globalization is a recent phenomenon that reflects the rapid development that has led to changes in many areas because of the methods and methods that have recently been invented or to contribute to the development of things that existed before. There are pros and cons in globalization and some people oppose globalization because they see that there are many problems, but in fact and in my personal opinion, globalization is important because it has helped everyone in many ways. I am against the views of people who say globalization is negative or not useful.



On the one hand, the reasons that led me to globalization contributed to the prosperity of many areas that have become part of it, created a new way of dialogue and discussion among the peoples of the world and also abolished the borders between the countries of the world, provided jobs for many people with the appropriate skills for different types of jobs, between countries. Moreover, one of the benefits of globalization is transforming the great world into a small world through which we communicate through modern technology and ease of communication among people. Acceptance of other cultures (globalization can contribute to cultural harmony) for example, the UAE, peaceful coexistence, and different discrete cultures.  there are more than 200 nationalities in the United Arab Emirates. The number of expatriates and residents in the United Arab Emirates exceeds the population and also protects countries from poverty. For example, the role of the United Nations in the protection of human rights and poverty and its organization has helped many poor countries in all respects. Up to 75% of their needs and there before it is my opinion that globalization is good and not good.

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On the other hand, people who reject globalization or see globalization as not beneficial because they see it as having a negative impact on developing countries. The increase in unemployment is due to its accessibility to attract labor sectors. The exchange rate of foreign currencies has risen, while their rates of exchange, at the expense of other currencies, have reduced the proportion of locally manufactured goods and replaced them with imported international goods. And the absence of the role of local institutions in some international countries and the difficulty of controlling globalization and changing cultures of society such as the West against the Arabs, for example, workers who come from abroad to help people in their homes this labor Tether children in particular in terms of language, customs, and according to statistics Saudi Arabia, the new left in the state 87.2% of the workers who work at home and this ratio is not a little so affected by people of them, and from the face of another there is a small group of people say that globalization is a double edged sword so that helps people and affects people helping people in terms of marketing between the companies and noncom Between the states and from the other negatively Affects the community in terms of customs and traditions