I believe that finance is very important

I look forward to overcoming the challenges that a Master’s
degree will offer.

During my free time I enjoy running as physical fitness is
important to me. I was a member of an athletics club for 5 years. I regularly
competed for the club which taught me how to deal with pressure. This enabled
my self-development and shows my commitment to training. Also for a year I
volunteered at a hospice biweekly, which has benefitted my independent working
skills, and enabled me to mix with a variety of people of different ages and

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Over the years I have arranged work experience in many different
professions. In year 10 I was fortunate enough to gain work experience at a
firm in a variety of its departments. These included finance, warehousing,
product design, website design and sales. For over a year I attended a pharmacy
in a medical centre weekly to gain knowledge of the pharmaceutical profession.
I have also partaken in a placement at a general hospital, for a week, where I
took part in work experience in many different departments of the hospital,
including endoscopy, orthopaedics, anaesthetics and a few others. I have
obtained insight into many different careers, which has only strengthened my
desire to study accounting and finance.

My part time job working as a volunteer in a hospice gave me
some insight into the demands of working life. I learned how to communicate
with my colleagues and the patients there to ensure that their needs were met.

As a perfectionist, I find the numerical challenge of
accountancy it’s biggest pull which draws me into applying for the degree.

I work well on my own and within a group, which makes me an
ideal candidate for an accounting degree

I believe I am well prepared to take on a Master’s degree
course in finance, accounting and investment… at University.

I believe that finance is very important as it has an
enormous effect on people’s daily lives. The principles of supply and demand
play out every day for every person making purchasing decisions on goods and
services, and in keeping or finding a job. Changes in situations or government
policies on any aspect of an industry creates a ripple effect of price changes
through multiple industries to the end consumer.

To broaden my knowledge of different areas of finance and
accounting I have read many different books on the subject such as “Money: The
unauthorized biography” by Felix Martin and “Capital in the Twenty-First
Century” by Thomas Piketty … I believe these give me an insight into these topics.
For example, in I found it interesting how. 

I am an ambitious, creative and intelligent individual.  As an undergraduate I am studying a
mathematics degree which has helped me develop a logical method of thinking. I have
enjoyed mathematics, as it is challenging and consists mostly of problem
solving. This proves that I have a very analytical mind.  I find the idea of accountancy appealing as I
get a sense of satisfaction out of being able to manipulate numbers and figures.
I like the feeling of knowing that I have been able to make the numbers work
with each other and create a solution which a lot of people find impossible to