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I believe a major shift is occurring in your life.  But before this significant shift can manifest, it will require you to put in some work. The work that is needed for you to put in requires you to know what you want to manifest your dream. But for you to find out what you want, you must first clarify your purpose.  Clarification starts by activating your faith.  Next, you must let go of the fear that you’re not good enough to compete.  Third, defy the norm or stop acting like you’re not in it to win it.  Fourth, trust God entirely and never stop giving Him the glory for the shifts that are occurring in your life. Because be it a good shift or a bad shift, each shift is qualifying you for the next level.  So, I ask, “Do you have enough confidence to believe that a purposeful change is occurring in your life?”  And, “Can you keep a secret until the appointment materialize?”

Understand God wants to birth something enormous in your life.  But this enormous change can’t manifest itself if you’re comfortable with average.  Listen!   This colossal change takes tremendous heart that requires a dedicated vessel who can handle incredible, life-altering news.  This isn’t the type of news you share with just everyone.  This news is transformational.  It involves a dramatic change of events that causes a paradigm shift.  Fundamentally, this change forces you and those closely connected with you to see and think differently.

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Imagine Mary, an ordinary teenager, trusted by God to carry such an enormous gift.  Mother of the Messiah; Son of God-Savior of the world.   With this type of sacrifice comes a huge demand, isolation and great suffering.  So, I ask, yet again:

Will you pass your test?

Are you ready to stop being average?

Are you ready to shake up the marketplace/kingdom?

Are you ready to be the best?

Are you ready to bring all your experience to the table and change the game?

Are you ready to be great?

Are you ready to shift and birth your miracle?

Do you have the strength to remain faithful to walk out the call specifically assigned to your life even if suffering is attached to your assignment?

Over the years, I’ve come to understand that God would never complicate your life without a divine purpose.  That’s why your shift is critical to the world.  What you see as a test, God sees as a growth assignment and that’s why average people can’t handle your assignment.  Why?  God knows you’re not afraid to be phenomenal while the entire world is watching you.  Yet, you’re still focused enough to acknowledge your gift to manifest the greatness that lies deep within you. Whatever God has assigned you to birth, you’re anointed to carry forth the assignment.

With the gift you’re carrying, God is about to use your extraordinary positioning to trigger an enormous shift in the world.  Think about it.  God would never have you embrace change without laying the foundation for what is to come.

What you’re carrying in this season is of great influence that will change the course of your life and those connected to you.  Have faith!  This is not the time to doubt God, but the time to exhibit a spirit of expectation.  When the older generation of Israelites doubted God, they found themselves in an awkward position where God was forced to bestow their promise on the younger generation. I don’t know about you, but I want all my promise.  I’m not looking for God to give my promise to someone else because I refuse to activate my faith and accept the call for my life.

As faith believers, you must remember that you serve a God that specializes in manifesting the impossible.  But as I think about Mary’s quest to birth purpose, her journey was filled with so much hope, yet, uncertainty.  When God attaches destiny to your life, you have two choices.  You can answer the call and play full out and push beyond your limitations, or you can deny God’s voice by pretending you never hear His call and continue walking out your desired path.  And if you decide to walk out your desired path, that tells God you rather hold on to old habits and make excuses before you give yourself permission to succeed and be great.

That’s why it’s important that you understand that to birth promise, you must exhibit radical faith and set yourself apart from people and situations that may cause you to forfeit your promise.  Whatever you are expecting God to shift in your life, you must surrender all like Mary and follow the specific directives given by God.  God will give you distinctive directives in terms of preparing you for the significant shift that’s about to occur in your life, but I need you to ask yourself:

Is your faith strong enough to carry promise?

Is your faith strong enough to birth promise?

Is your faith strong enough to study your opponent so you can prepare for what you need to birth in the kingdom?

Is your faith strong enough to abort the old you so you can birth the new you?

Is your faith strong enough to set you apart from distractions that keep you from being great?

Is your faith strong enough to put God first?

Is your faith strong enough to stop making excuses?

Is your faith strong enough to dream bigger?

You can’t waiver in your faith.  You can’t second guess your response.  And most importantly, you can’t eagerly shy away or render an invalid excuse to God because you suddenly become weak in your flesh.

That’s why it’s important to calm your spirit so you can hear clearly from God concerning your purpose and individualized birthing plan. And the only way you can intimately connect with God is when you disconnect from the world and rest earnestly in Him.  I often find myself shutting off my phone, unplugging from all my social media accounts, and tuning into Him by reading my Bible or listening to various audios or videos, which spiritually feed my soul.

So, I ask…

“Are you being intentional about the plans that God has given you concerning your life?”

“Are you willing to unplug from the world and spend some 1:1 time with Him?”

I’m going to be blatantly honest. Before you can truly shift, you must recognize the very thing or things that cause a delay in you birthing forth the purpose of God.  Birthing purpose is like carrying a baby.  It aggressively changes your body.  So, prepare your mind, body, and spirit to breathe life into everything that the enemy will attempt to attack as you accept the biggest call of your life.

Fear nor double-mindedness have room in your birthing plan. That’s why it’s imperative that you speak life and speak it more abundantly because life and death are in the power of your tongue. What you decree and declare starting the moment you accept the call will immediately impact your faith and those spiritually connected to you in this season.  This is powerful, yet an impactful revelation.  When God opens a supernatural door for you to enter, you must run through that door like only one team thought enough of your talent to pick you.  And when God thinks enough of you to draft you for His team, you take advantage of your opportunity.   Every day you wake up and impact the marketplace like you’re grateful for the chance to showcase your gift to the world.

When God gets ready to change the course of your life, He’ll validate it through someone else.  As for Mary, it was the Angel Gabriel and Elizabeth, her cousin.  Elizabeth was older in age, yet, she miraculously conceived a child when others…even Elizabeth and her husband, though at some point and time, thought this rite of passage was out of their reach.  But what a faithful God we serve!  God used Gabriel to confirm the arrival of the Messiah and Elizabeth as emotional support and confirmation of His powers at work.  I believe without the support from Elizabeth, Mary, during this critical time in her pregnancy may have regretted her choice because of societal stigma.  But what an awesome God we serve to think about Mary’s emotional well-being that He placed a seasoned mentor in her life who would cover her in prayer, right? That’s called supernatural favor.

Do you have a spiritual mentor?

Do you have a birthing coach?  Why or why not?

Do you have plans to locate or hire a spiritual mentor or birthing coach?

Do you believe you need a spiritual mentor or birthing coach to help you birth God’s vision concerning your life?  Why or why not?

As you prepare for your significant shift, God will connect you with people who will leap with joy the moment they connect with your presence or feel God’s approval concerning your purpose.  The moment Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, not only did her baby leap, but Mary was given favor and considerable provisions for three months at Elizabeth’s home.  Why?  Because their spirits were intertwined by the Holy Spirit.  They had a connection and their babies felt the spiritual connection too.  When God strategically places you on a path call destiny, He not only grants you favor; He positions you to succeed.

So, I ask again, do you have people in your camp who’s willing to get happy for you as God prepares you for your significant journey?  Don’t you know?  You’re supposed to be in this space in time right now, and you’re not in this thing alone.   The goal you’re trying to accomplish is attainable.  And you’re not going to comprise and give up so easily anymore.  This time, you’re going to finish what you start.  God is getting ready to amaze you with this new season.  Mary had so many wonderful encounters in such a short span of time from the moment she was greeted by the angel communicating the good news about her spiritual awakening which connected her with Elizabeth in an influential way because through God’s might, nothing is impossible for Him when you’re on assignment. 

As a young mother myself, from the moment God spoke His promises over my life, I knew I was different.  I was created to birth greatness in the kingdom and so are you.  If you plan to succeed, you must position yourself to get to the next level.  You must have total faith in yourself.  Mary and I alike didn’t have time to think about the outcry or rejection from family members or friends.  All we could think about was carrying the promise full term. 

Strategy #1: Wake up early. 

Strategy #2: Be on time. 

Strategy #3: Place your seeds in the ground and cultivate them with lots of love and confidence. 

Strategy #4: Show the world that you’re serious about showing up and dedicating your life to your purpose. 

I was lonely unlike Mary, who had Elizabeth.  Many of you are lonely too as you prepare to birth purpose but keep a positive mindset.  God hasn’t forgotten you.  He’s just preparing you for greater works throughout the kingdom.  And this lonely season that you’re in is representative of God’s grace, love, and compassion. Therefore, choose how you plan to spend your season of loneliness.  You can chase God, chase things or people that keep you in bondage wandering around aimlessly until you give up or continuously give in to poor work ethics or limiting belief systems that keep you grounded.  Remember: You were created to soar.  But if you focus on God and His willful plan for your life, He will show you how to master your destiny.


You can chase God, chase things or people that keep you in bondage wandering around aimlessly until you give up or continuously give in to poor work ethics or limiting belief systems that keep you grounded.

I understand that loneliness causes fear.  The moment you decide that you’re all in, there are some people who will try to stop you from investing in yourself.  These people or jealous because you have decided to live up to your fullest potential.  And when you refuse to shine like a super start among millions in the sky, you lose opportunities of a lifetime to stand out from mediocrity.  Just the mere fact that fear crept in and paralyzed my soul was numbing.  Guilt had eaten away at my spirit, and I had chosen anxiety as my silent killer that almost stole my dreams and poisoned my happy times. Being so young, I didn’t understand how to differentiate between being fearful yet still be progressive in my spiritual or personal life. Guilt kept me in bondage, silently…causing my mother not to be aware of the gift growing inside of me until my third trimester.  Isn’t it funny how a significant gift can cause you to hide, lie, and create falsities that diminish hopes and dreams?  The stronghold of fear almost silently terminated the very dream that God was birthing inside me physically and spiritually.

Preparing for a significant shift can cause imaginable pain at the most inopportune time.  And let’s be honest, the distress from the pain creates private frustrations that forces you to rethink rather or not you’ve made the right turns in life.  Both Mary and I were caught in a place of private turmoil.  But our hearts led us to choose birth over termination, pain over exile, and destiny over inactivity.

As you prepare to shift in this season, God will begin to drop profound wisdom as you seek more of Him.  He wants you and the body of Christ to understand that He is increasing favor, transforming lives, and enhancing the way you see, hear, and speak as you go forth into the world impacting lives in the kingdom.

This shifting will cause practical truths to line up with what God is calling forth for His people to carry out in their daily lives.  Similarly, to my journey and Mary’s journey, God wants the body of Christ to understand that this is your season of Building Your Strength so you can shift without delay or trauma.

God is revealing in this season that as you prepare for your shift, you must be filled with wisdom and knowledge by consecrating yourself with prayer, fasting, and repentance.  As one of God’s children, you can’t birth the promise if you’re not spiritually equipped to handle the pressure and trauma of childbirth and spiritual warfare.  But if you allow God to impregnate you with wisdom and knowledge, He will give you dominion over earthly things and demonic forces that cause spiritual delay and deterioration.  In fact, Ephesians 6:13-17 tells us how to defeat demonic forces that come to postpone or terminate the will of God concerning your life.  The Word firmly states:

“…put on every piece of God’s armor so you will be able to resist the enemy in the time of evil.  Then after the battle, you will still be standing firm.  Stand your ground, putting on the belt of truth and the body armor of God’s righteousness.  For shoes, put on the peace that comes from the Good News so that you will be fully prepared.  In addition to all of these, hold up the shield of faith to stop the fiery arrows of the devil.  Put on salvation as your helmet, and take the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.”

God is the foundation of you shifting to the next level in ministry, business, or leadership.  It’s time you uncover the brilliance locked away inside of you and awaken your fierceness.  You were meant to live baggage free, stress-free, and guilt-free.  As servants of Christ, it’s your job to come against demonic forces that sidetrack you from birthing forth God’s purpose by unearthing the lies of Satan.  

While you’re preparing to shift, don’t allow people to change your birthing plan because they can’t see God’s vision for your life.  Pray that God keeps you on track.  Every day, it’s your responsibility to seek His will for your life.  Do not abort the purpose or promises of God because your promise is too great to ignore.

Get ready to change your life and the lives around you!  Your destiny is changing course and calling you towards greatness.  Since you’ve mastered the prerequisites appointed by God, He now requires that you complete advance assignments for where He’s rerouting you.

Before you can birth promise like me, Mary, and so many other women, you must let go of outdated habits or spiritual ignorance that causes deferment.  Why?  Because you can’t carry purpose, yet, be unaware of the deficiencies that cause issues in the womb.  Purpose carriers operate on a different level.  You can’t flap your wings like an eagle and soar higher if you’re injured, sick, shocked or underdeveloped.  Right?   It’s your responsibility to educate yourself on various spiritual steps, laws, or regulations to address certain situations that aid in your recovery.  Without certain knowledge, you run the risk of significantly causing more harm than good to the spiritual, physical, or emotional infrastructure needed to survive or carry out the assignment chosen by God.  Think about how you can best get through your trimesters with as few complications as possible.

You’re going places and your time is now to submerge yourself in overflow.  Do you believe it?  God’s expanding your territory right now.  Everything is shutting down around you because God is setting you up for kingdom success be it at the national, region or global level.  The devil is upset and rightfully so because God is changing the course of your life and He’s enlarging your territory.  Therefore, don’t allow the spirit of toxicity to cause delay or miscarry.  You’ve worked too hard, and you’re too close to crossing the finish line.  And because you understand the power of not wavering when answering the call, God is getting ready to position you like Mary.  Part of your journey is to help other Christians and non-believers find their purpose, as well as, set the kingdom on fire.  Trust me!   Some of us receive purpose assignments that are unorthodox like Mary, but just because you don’t agree with God’s assignment concerning your life, doesn’t mean that you should renege on the job.  Finish the process.  Pick up your cross; bear the pain, push with all your strength and shift!