In progressing and several antiangiogenic drugs has

In the present study, for the
first time we reported that an engineered antiangiogenic peptide derived from
endostatin, ES-SS, has no immunogenic effect on healthy mice and is completely
safe. Surprisingly, this peptide could activate cellular and humoral immunity
in mammary carcinoma-bearing mice through increasing TNF-?, IL-10, IFN-?, IL-4,
and IL-17 production. Consequently, it can be proposed as a promising adjuvant
in cancer immunotherapy.

In the last three decades,
development of angiogenesis inhibitors for treatment of cancer has been
progressing and several antiangiogenic drugs has been approved by F.D.A (Samant
and Shevde 2011). Recently, we demonstrated that ES-SS
comprises potent antiangiogenic and antitumor activities in vivo (Chamani
et al. 2015). No immunologic data is available about this
fragment of endostatin. Therefore, the present study was focused on
investigating the effect of ES-SS on the cellular and humoral immune system of
both healthy and mammary carcinoma-bearing mice. Treatment of healthy mice with
1 and 5 mg/kg/day ES-SS demonstrated no significant increase in the level of TNF-?,
IL-10, IFN-?, IL-4, and IL-17 in comparison to the control group after 25 days (p

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