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Simple Rules for
Effective Email marketing


email is the one of the most powerful and effective means of communication that
has ever been developed. And, if you would like your communication to be really
resourceful, the email has to be used efficiently.

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are a few tips that will help you achieve the art of successful communication.

Short and Sweet: Make your mail short and sweet,
almost bordering on curtness. No one has the patience to read long laborious
mails, and so let your mails be short and precise. Your mail should be short
enough to sustain interest, but long enough to convey your message. An even
more effective way would be to use bullet points and bold texts to highlight
your points. And, above all, make sure that your message is relevant to the
person, lest you stand the risk of people unsubscribing from your mailing list.

Personalize: You could personalize your messages
by inserting the name of your client or customer, but remember to do it

Offerings: When you offer any product or
service, follow the rule of the thumb: never offer more than a product or
service in the email. When you offer more than one thing, you are likely to
confuse your readers. Include a link that will encourage readers to know more
about the product. Use a trackable URL to tag your images, which will let you
know how many people clicked on the image links.

Test messages: Are you sure that your recipients
are getting your messages correctly? If you are not sure, send a test mail to
yourself and check to see if you get a readable message. If not, take remedial

Reporting: Many of the emailing platforms offer Aweber,
Constant Contact, and MailChimp, which will enable you to know the time at
which your messages have been opened. This will help you know at what time your
audience is active, and you could use this knowledge for your future mailings.

Segments: You can have segregated mailing lists
based on the filters that you apply. That way you can reach out only to people
who open your mails, or to people who purchase your products.

Break the monotony: Every time you send a mail,
do not send the same stereo-typed mails. Do something daringly different, and
see your business grow.

Don’t sell every time: You don’t have to sell in
every mail that you send to your client or contacts. Sometimes, you may have to
give a little, and sometimes you don’t ask anything in return. Life is a game
of give and take.

Call to Action: If you want your mail recipients
to take action, then that should be made clear to them. The desired action
should be explained with clarity so that there is no ambiguity.


all these ideas at your finger tips, reaching out to people isn’t really
difficult. All that you have to do is send powerful mails to people on your
list. Make your mails exciting and relevant enough to capture your viewer’s


10 Simple Rules to Maximize Your Email Marketing Results