Social social media business by 2010 with

Social Media

Little of us imagined that in just over ten years the way to
communicate and understand the world would change so radically. Around 10 years
ago appeared many and varied socials pages, such as,, GeoCities,
MySpace, LinkedIn, the most popular for a brief time. On February 4, 2004
everything changed, Facebook came and took the realm of social networks, and it
seems that it will be for a long time. Facebook pretty much took over the
social media business by 2010 with 400 million users. Social networks have
become a common means of communication between adolescents and adults. These
sites promote and allow people to exchange personal information, share photos,
videos, use blogs and instant messages to communicate. While there are negative
aspects of social networks such as cyberbullying, they can be used in a very positive
way and change the lives of many people more for good than worse.

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Nowadays many people believe that
social networks have only brought bad behaviors and nothing good in children
and adolescents, saying that the use of social networks have made them more
distant in the family, disrespectful, callous etc. But the question is whether
these arguments that many people say are true and if the use of social networks
really create a damage between the coexistence of families, especially between
children and their parents. “A recent study by Brigham Young University seems
to indicate the exact opposite.” The study says that children who maintain a
proper connection with their parents on social networks are actually closer. It
also says that these children have better and less behavioral problems at home
with their parents offline. Parents who have a good connection in social
networks with their children, post positive comments and help maintain a
healthy family relationship at home. Because of this, children are less
aggressive and don’t have a higher risk of getting into trouble. Another
finding in this study revealed that children who had high use of social
networks without parental control behaved the opposite. In addition to creating
a great bond in the family, social networks are an indispensable tool for many
people since you can have a permanent connection with family members around the

 According to the
Family and New Media Blog, social media helps families stay in touch with
members who may be abroad, and this includes military deployments. Social media
also helps track lost family members. It also works, in addition to telephone
calls and pictures, to help inmates stay in touch with family. The following
websites are dedicated to connecting families through social media such as
eFamiy, FamilyLeaf and (Huskerson).

The use of social networks in
business have been essential in recent years, making people have a strong
contact with companies. Social networks have been a tool for companies which
allows them to develop and grow their businesses more through the feedback of
their clients and marketing, both for large companies and for small ones.
According to an article in The New York Times Business by Sree Screenivasan,
social networking like Linkedln are very useful to important for people or
businesses. LinkedIn gives you many ways to expand your business, since you can
connect with relevant professionals. The point is to search and connect with
people you already know or important people that you should know. LinkedIn has
a recommendation option that allows you to give recommendations to those people
you had work previously, you can also receive these recommendations that will help
you to getting future jobs. Depending on what type of business you have,
LinkedIn will help you choose a model that will allow you to contract staff for
your business as well as find new clients. It also allows you to create your
own company page, and have a community that will attract clients and help
maintain these clients. To learn more about LinkedIn for business, see its
official guide. Sree Sreenivasan also mentioned Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,
and Snapchat about the importance they have in the business world.

Social networks can also be incredibly good for health
benefits, Joanne Orlando, in The, explains these benefits that
can change lives and help thousands of sick children saying that “a dedicated
online Facebook group can help kids connect with others who understand and
relate to their condition”. This can be very helpful as it keeps these children
in a safe place where they can express about their conditions and diseases, as
well as being able to help each other and cooperate to understand their
conditions. Social networks can be a place to raise awareness in the community
about many health problems that exist nowadays. This is not the replacement of
reliable and professional information, but an image of a person with depression
or another disease can create an idea in the community of how it affects people
in their daily lives. Social networks can also be a place to share information
medical articles that can help other people to find information about a
specific disease.

On the other hand, we cannot leave aside the bad things that
can happen in our society due to the misuse or abuse of social networks. Ana
Homayoun stated the following in his article “The Secret Social Media Lives of
Teenagers,” available at “Harvard University revealed
that it had rescinded admissions offers to at least 10 students who shared
offensive images within what they thought was a private Facebook group chat.
The students posted memes and images that mocked minority groups, child abuse,
sexual assault and the Holocaust, among other things…” We can say that this
is an example of much throughout the social networks existence. Problems like
the one mentioned by Ana Homayoun, exist long before social networks existed,
and will continue to happen with or without social networks. The use we give to
a social network will be good if we are aware of what we do and it’s for a
useful and beneficial cause for our families, friends or society. We cannot blame
the social networks for our own actions.

We can
say that in general social networks are essential for the development of a
society, is a tool that we can use to stop problems in our daily lives, in
addition to keeping us communicated all the time with people in almost any part
of the world at no cost, the expansion of information, the help that gives
small businesses to grow, the help that can provide a simple Facebook page to
children suffering from rare diseases are too many benefits that we can’t ignore
and leave. We must continue improving and developing the use of social networks
to a good benefit, and combat all that misuse that can give some people who do
not understand or ignore the damage they can do due to their actions.