The age. For instance, Oliver Le Jeune

purpose of this paper is to draw attention to the fact that racism is

a major social issue which may have many negative  effects in

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Racism is the belief in the superiority of one’s race to another which

results in discrimination. It is believed that individuals can be divided

different categories based on their behaviour, colour, cast and gender. In

for decades, Black people were slaves of White people. Black people

from malnutrition, poverty, degradation, mistreatment and violence

slavery of White people. Slaves were treated horribly and were forced

slavery no matter what their age. For instance, Oliver Le Jeune was the

slave that arrived in Canada in 1628. He was captured at the age of six

 and was sent to Canada. Blacks were forced to
do chores of White families and

always mistreated. Young black boys were assumed to be aggressive,

and up to no good .Hence, they were considered “Dangerous”.

still today people are judged by their appearances and religions. For

Muslim people are considered to be terrorists because of what

in 9/11 , blonde girls are still seen as dumb ones and white people

always assumed to be rich. This act of discrimination can affect our future

as it results in violence and most of the people are misjudged based

their cast , religion and culture. Canadians uses the term “visible

refer to people of colour, and it is used in Canada’s  of “Employment Equity

of 1995” However, the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial

has stated that they have doubts regarding the use of this term

this term may be considered objectionable by certain minorities and

an evaluation of this term. In response, the Canadian

made efforts to evaluate how this term is used in Canadian society

commissioning of scholars and open workshops. The Canadian

Rights Act
prohibits discrimination based on individual

including race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion,

 age, gender, sexual orientation or marital
status. The Canadian

 Act protects groups from cultural discrimination
and is a

to new Canadians that they may retain aspects of their

culture in
Canada. For further explanations a social analysis and an

action plan
is described below.


Social Analysis  (Ahammed Salim)

The main
belief of racism are that individuals can be divided into categories based on
the characteristics such as behaviour , economic and political success of some
individuals within the group of individuals. But it has proven wrong and said
that racism primarily affects people based on colour.

Today people
of colour still face racism and stereotype .Canadians
always liked to call themselves a multicultural country but the word itself is
submerged in stereotype. Both stereotypes and ignorance is same as actual
racism. Today people of colour
still face racism and stereotype. stereotype and ignorance can be easily
misunderstood as it is “vulnerable to manipulation”. People usually lack
knowledge when it comes to talking about racism. They could be people who wants
to create a problem or the people who is claiming to be victims of it. Also
people who do not understand are best not to talk about because it just adds to
the problem.

For example,
when African calls themselves the “N” word in movies and songs, they are
actually telling people that it is okay to call them that. “Chinese people are
said to be smart or intelligent,short or yellow in colour. They are assumed to
have small eyes so as considered to bad drivers.


example would be the case of a young boy Tyron Martin who 17 years old. From
Miami,Florida.He was one of the youth football team player in school.  On February 26th, George Zimmerman was
driving around the town and assumed Trayvon was dangerous only because he was
young black man who had a hood on. He found that Trayvon was “suspicious.”
Zimmerman felt threatened so he decided to shoot Trayvon. Zimmerman explained
to the police that it was self-defence. These examples prove that racism still
exist and hurtful for the society.

Social Action Plan(Bhavin Mohindru)


There are many social issues in the
world. These are the issues which are not

that easy to resolve and difficult for
people to think about these issues because

people brought up with same thinking
from beginning of their life. These social

problems are evil for society and
people like Martin Luther king Jr., Mahatma

Gandhi protest to kill these evils from
society until their death. people want to

remove these evils but not everyone is
brave like mahatma Gandhi or martin

Luther. There are many associations and
organisations which are working to

remove these social issues from
society. The focus of these associations and

organisations on future of this world.
They want good and a valuable life for

the future generation.



1.   THE UNITED NATIONS- The united nations
have a number of agencies


function under its direction. These include the united nations


scientific, and cultural organisation,


and the
united nations International children’s emergency fund.


These agencies have had success in
providing aid to address economic and social problems.


 The UN has also provided a valuable service in
organizing international conferences on


important issues such as population
growth and poverty.




 Agenda 21 is a document resulting from the 1992
Un conference on environment and


development detailing proposals for
action in social and economics area. Issues addressed


by agenda 21 include poverty, changing
patterns of production and consumption,


overpopulation, managing natural
resources, protecting the atmosphere, oceans and


 biodiversity, preventing deforestation and
promoting sustainable agriculture.


SAVE THE CHILDREN- the save the children fund commonly


international non-governmental organization that promotes children’s right,
provides relief and


give support children in undeveloped countries.
This organisation was established in the United

Kingdom in 1919 in order to improve the lives of
children through better education, health care, and


economic opportunities , there are 29 other
national  save the children organisations who are


members of the save the children alliance.



Recommendations(Ahammed Salim)

1)    “We are taking concrete action to build
a safer and more equitable province by recognizing systemic racism and
challenging it head-on.”

Wynne, Premier of Ontario”


2)    Although some things have changed about
racism for better now.Now there are many organizations that helps to interact
with individual people who feel like discriminated on the basis of their colour
,sex,religion,family etc.


3)    The Charter of rights and freedom,
Human rights legislation and hate laws are evidence of this change .Although it
is nearly not possible to prevent this completely but we could try to prevent
the amount of racism and discrimination people of colour  receive,by that some improvements are



4)    They try to decrease the amount of
discrimination people face and they try to make a change for citizens. Even
though these organizations exist and overt racism isn’t as common anymore,
there are also things that have not changed, like the racist thoughts and
racist comments people still have in mind. Although these are more difficult to
eliminate, there have been other positive changes to race relations.


Conclusion(Gurleen Kaur)


Clearly, the problem is a delicate and
complex one with a long, bitter history

lacking a clear solution. Racism is
becoming one of the major social issues that

should be looked into for a peaceful
and a brighter future. People should be

open minded and stop judging people
based on their cast , religion and culture.

Government should start campaigns to
create awareness among people

regarding this issue. Everybody has a
the right of equality so what is the need

of discrimination? Emancipation brought freedom, but not parity.
The civil

rights movement knocked down Jim Crow, but
vestiges remained. Affirmative

action created opportunities, but racism persists.


So why shouldn’t the great-great grandchildren of those who worked for

and were deprived of education and were kept in bondage not be

compensated? ~Kevin Merida~