The most of them criticize the government

The first amendment of the united states constitution gives american citizens many very  basic freedoms to their speech. The freedom of religion, speech, and assembly are covered in the First Amendment. People in America right now take the freedom of speech as a priviagle  . Free speech is one of the most valuable, treasurable  rights  as a individual  citizen in the united states of america. Free speech gives people the opportunity to speak  about  anything they wish to say. These rights have been exercised throughout history, and have produced extremely positive and negative things in a lot of cases; however, the questions involve whether there if some people should use speech to slander, insult, harass or threaten or even silence oppositions, how religion can affect free speech, and the impact of removing net neutrality. Freedom of speech gives you the right to as a citizen to express your own opinions about anything and everything. As americans we are able to express our appreciation or disapproval towards government issues, taxes and anything we have an opinion about. We as people, have the capacity to think for yourself only, so why should someone else form an opinion for us or try to and try to embrace their opinion that’s not ours. There are so many things that we could not say if we did not hold this freedom of speech. Some or even all political commercials and campaigns we see would not be able to air on tv because most of them criticize the government in some way. Tv shows, movies and many more would have to take out certain parts of their show because some jokes are offensive to  government system. If speech is not protected by the first amendment, then the government can place restrictions. Likewise, if we allow the government to control free speech, then we open a gate for government involvement in  our everyday  lives where we cannot express ourselves. This is much like McCarthyism, which hunted down people who are viewed as a threat to the american way of life, would ended up as a hunt and would likely hurt America in the future. “The outbreak of the Korean War that summer deepened a red scare in which not only government employees but other individuals and groups too could be accused of communist sympathies. Liberal politicians, often sympathetic to civil rights, were particularly vulnerable to such charges, as were celebrities in the entertainment industry.”(Gale) In this  real life example, people were hunted down and were charged for having a “communist sympathies”. A democracy allows people to go out against its standards. When the government shuts down people for speaking of what they think  just because they do not want to hear or  what they have to say, that’s a dictatorship . Free speech gives individuals the opportunity to talk about  their opinion and what they think should happen. These rights have been utilized all throughout american history, and have created  many positive and negative things in a lot of cases; the questions include whether if  individuals should utilize criticism, offended, annoy , or even silence, how religion can influence free speech and the impact of removing net neutrality.  Wanted to say something really offensive but never did because you thought it wasn’t a good place to say that, or feared that the consequences of your words might be huge? What if the leader of a supremacist group, like the Ku Klux Klan was giving a hateful speech towards specific people would you tell them to watch their language? There is really nothing that can stop anyone from them expressing verbally. Maybe yes, there will be consequences for their actions, for example fights, and many other things, but people can speak their opinions whenever they want because it’s their right. Hate speech is a topic of  big issue for many different  people. There are oppose hate speech, while others are behind them defending hate speech. “Violence at protests should be denounced no matter who perpetrates it, but the wrong response would be to silence those with whom we might not agree.”(Gale) Everyone is allowed to have their belief, and nobody is allowed to silence anyone else just because they do not like what you have to say. The biggest risk of silencing a person just because you like agree on what they’re saying could have had a very powerful impact and change a person’s view on certain things. Most of society silences opposition categorizing them as profanity, nonbelief, a threat to society, or even resistance to authority which can lead the youth to think a certain way and then making free speech to diminish if not used freely. The recent tragedy at the paris cartoon publication Charlie Hebdo pushed the issue of freedom of expression to the front line of international debate.” For Laurent “Riss” Sourisseau, a cartoonist for Charlie Hebdo, the morning of Jan. 7, 2015, was just another Wednesday at the office until, all of a sudden, a attack happened … In a brutal attack that shocked France and the world, two brothers, Islamist terrorists, burst into the offices of perhaps the world’s most famous satirical newspaper and opened fire on the journalists working inside, killing 12… By all accounts, “Charlie” – as the newspaper here is known – is still resoundingly Charlie: either a sacred bastion of free speech…” (Gale) free speech is a foundational principle to a healthy and free society. Knowing that it is legal to express certain ideas, but should all material, including material intended to mock religious beliefs, be published and celebrated? Well that all depends on the individual. Religion is the fuel of the people in any religion Christianity, Judaism, Islam and also atheism. Believers would not like their faith and beliefs mocked. It’s human nature to hate having your god or your beliefs made fun of. Mocking a faith and its people would only tend to have hatred for people mocking them. People would lash out against them and might be harmful in a powerful way, you never know what people are capable.Love the internet? Well there’s a problem the federal communications commission chairman Ajit Pai appointed by president Trump is taking all that all away, by repealing net neutrality laws, maybe net neutrality may be boring but this is a very serious problem, what is net neutrality? And why you should care? Net neutrality laws are the rules and regulations that allow us to have unfiltered access to the internet meaning your internet service providers can’t control the speed of what you are  able to access. Net neutrality is like the first amendment of the internet it includes competition and free speech for everyone. Now if net neutrality is repealed companies can control what you use or see. Want instagram or Facebook, well you can forget about those, and also for netflix and chill. On thursday december 14th on the day this research paper is finished, it all comes down to commissioners of federal communications commissioner whether net neutrality stays or goes.. This affects us all! While it may cost us a big time in our wallets in the future, we also risk the exchange of ideas and information as we live in a time of  “fake news” it may be a problem when companies filter information that they only want you to see, limiting access or blocking sites that don’t support their political views. Net neutrality is what made the internet a great place to share anything you want to anyone freely.Free speech is something that is important for communication to anyone. It is something that we all view differently and value. We all have the freedom of speech, which makes us who we are very special in ourselves. By taking away this freedom, people would not be the same. Having different views on issues have helped american citizens  understand american history. So by taking away this freedom away, understanding different point of views would not become reality, and our mind would become narrowed of the world we live in.