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We all know that language can help us to express our opinions, hopes, and even our dreams. Language is considered as the principal means of communication with one another. Different People share their feelings, tell their needs, communicate with others and ask questions while communicating through language (Benczik, 2003).English has become a language that people want to learn and speak fluently. English has gained the most exalted and dominating place among the languages of the word. As a result, English plays a vital role in many areas: education, science, technology, politics, and trade in this scenario to learn this language with accuracy and fluency has become the need of the day. By keeping in mind importance of EFL, the government of Pakistan has presented many rules to learn English subject as necessary course all stages. Everyone is knows that reality of learn a foreign language is a challenging task because to be efficient in a language requires persistence and effort. The basic factors which influence while learning a foreign language are anxiety and motivation that ultimately bring out behavioral problems towards learning language.According to Juchniewicz teaching is considering a demanding and challenging social activity in our society with ultimate goal of training student to acquire the ability and social values. The main aim of this thesis is to develop and draw an image that how teacher and student relationship is formed and how it is helpful in academic and their daily life. How student and teacher relation is formed and how it varies from institute to institute. English has become the need of the day. But It looks dream and it is difficult for learning English especially when they environment of our elementary, secondary and higher education vary and don’t follow the rules and regulation which is developed by the government. We can improve our learning by creating a good relationship with teacher.  According to Jones, Vernon F, and Louise Jones the teacher and student relationship is very important because a student spend approximately 7 hours in school for 10 months. A positive relationship is between student and teacher is difficult to establish.First, regarding the role of the teacher in a second language learning, I believe that a teacher who is the center of attention at all times leading each activity, they response individual student and respond to every student.According to Khalkhali Classroom is a basic stage for educational activities and it is a position for preparing people for living in a changing world. Teacher play different role inside the classroom they act sometime as planner some time as Manager and Observer, Helper and Language resource. They provide knowledge of progress. If a good environment and relationship is build with student and teacher then the learning is very good but this is only when teacher play their role inside the classroom.According to the George Lucas the role of a teacher today is much different than it used to be. Teacher’s used to be told what to teach and how to teach it and they were expected to use the same methods for all students but this is not a good approach. In today’s world of education, a teacher’s role is quite multifactor. Their job is to deal with students, help them learn how to use their knowledge and how to use this knowledge in their practical life so that they become the valuable member of society. Teachers are encouraged the entire student and to really tune into how each individual student learns, and try to really challenge and inspire them to learn.We All know that Elementary school is a stage which is most important and life changing period of person’s life. Elementary education is not beneficial for children but also for nation because they are the future of our country. But in our county there are some problems which are happed in our elementary school education. Due to this lack most of the child is study in private school. So the research work highlighted that lack in our elementary wing.For this purpose I visit two schools which are in rural area and two same kind of school which is located in city but they both belong to elementary wing. It is always important to find cause and effect of a problem that influences the behavior and puts the learner to attain the target. This study will seek for investigation such causes and effects.• Lack of motivation toward English learning• Lack of confidence• Hesitation to speak in English• They are shy in classFor this purpose the researcher visit two schools in rural areas and I conclude that social and culture background affects the learning abilities of the students. When I visit rural area school I observed that they use their local language such as Punjabi and they use Urdu as second language. They face problem in speak and fluency in Urdu language and they are unable to learn English language.But the schools which is in the city they can speak Urdu language as well as Punjab and other local language. So in schools they use English as a second language. So for this purpose they different institute hire trainer. There is a big role of trainee behavior that how they deliver lecture. According to Kate Wilson English language is one of the most popular and important languages to learn, perhaps the most spoken language around the world is English, mostly people use English as their first language and many people choose to learn the language simply to place them in a better position to secure work. But it is not necessary that English is easy to learn. People face different problem in which is due to using English as a second language.Tariq et al (2013) conducted a research in which they discuss about the difficulties which face during learning of English especially when someone belongs to a rural area.Teevno (2011) conducted a research about challenges in teaching and learning of English in secondary level when English use as a second language.