What to meet people’s needs, which can

is to gain from all this? In sum, the print is not dead (nor is
dying), it seems that e-book development is slowing down, but still
enough. The way information has changed
is clear that reading habits differ between a print text and
electronic text, And that there is a negative impact while using the
eReader, but even though reading is still one
Unique features and services are provided in print and e-books
Different tasks to meet people’s needs, which can be Different
demographic, contextual, and situational Factor. E-books
will continue to grow, and continue to exist, because it is becoming
part of the growing electronic world, and based on the data
collected, it appears that e-books are here to stay and the same is
true about paper books’ future. The data also provides a reason to be
optimistic that e-books and print books could both co-exist in the
future together, because even with all the features e-books can
provide over the printed books (convenience, portability, and
multimedia ) there are still some fundamental qualities they will
simply never replace Some of the comments received by some of the
participants suggested that it would be a lot easier to manage if
books are downloaded to an iPad or Kindle, at the same time other
readers indicated that digital books are somewhat hard for them to
interact with. Some other indicated that there’s something about
printed books that they can’t give up (e.g. holding the book in their
hands and physically turning a page), which can’t be matched with
“pixels on a screen”. The idea of e-books fully replacing
print books, for those who prefer their books printed in ink on paper
sounds saddening. Some participants indicated that the internet has
exposed them to so many more books and resources that they can’t read
fast enough to keep up, and for others while digital books look like
copies of paper, they can’t be designed or typeset in the same way as
paper, and no matter how impressive they may look on “a high
resolution” screen, they will remain images rather than physical
things. Other participants indicated that reading requires
concentration and it’s difficult to do with all the highly
entertaining distractions some e-books present. Few other readers
reported that digital books are wonderful form of technology, as it
has made books inexpensive and widely available